Tool Overview

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The RiskBuster Tool

Assists the organisation in identification and quantification of risks – as well as their containment and monitoring. The tool consists of two (2) components:

  • The Tool Shell – this is the Risk Management engine
  • Customisable Subject Matter Modules for Systems Integration (SI) projects (System Development, System Integration, System Testing, System Implementation and System Operations Support) included with the tool – which cover:
    • Project Planning Risks
    • Project Execution Risks
    • Ongoing Operations and Support Risks
    • Risks associated with general IT services projects and IT services bids
    • Please refer to the linked product brochure for details


  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Classification
  • Risk Quantification
  • Risk Response Development
  • Risk Monitoring and Reporting

Key Characteristics

  • Web-based tool, can be installed on an organisation's Intranet to operate in a Client – Server (over the Internet or Intranet) or Client-only mode, with secure download / upload facility for offline processing
  • Can be operated in a Cloud environment (provided by Risk Buster International Pty Ltd)
  • Provides a comprehensive database service – for entering and storing all identified risks pertaining to a given project – as well as risk management reporting
  • Can be used by an independent Risk Assessor / Auditor, or by the project teams themselves – to establish the baseline of project risks and a platform for monitoring Risk Management
  • Emphasis on security: password-secured entry, data encryption security
  • Comes with the Subject Matter module that is based on a comprehensive Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for Systems Integration (SI) projects
  • New Subject Matter modules can be added to the Tool Shell
  • Can be used within any management framework (methodology / process)