Commonwealth Bank of Australia

"I am very impressed with the Risk Buster's comprehensive, methodical approach to Project Risk Assessment. In my view, the Risk Buster product is particularly suitable for developing robust Business Cases - something that in my experience is very important for the Financial Services Industry. This tool is also in the class of its own during the IT project planning and execution phases - enabling not just in-depth analysis of hidden project problems and risks, but also their prioritisation, quantification and mitigation planning. To my mind, no other IT project risk product or service in the market even comes close to Risk Buster's capabilities."

Igor Geninson,
Head of Quantitative Analysis FXO and Commodities
Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Our IT Department (OITD) Pty Ltd

“Risk Buster is unlike any risk management tool I have seen before. While other tools require extensive training and some can’t even be deployed without consultancy from the vendor, Risk Buster can be used with minimal training to good effect.
Risk Buster achieves through its use of an extensive knowledge base and comprehensive tool tips to guide the uninitiated.
The reporting tools in Risk Buster deliver an excellent insight into the risks inherent in any project and allow management to focus on the real risks rather than the “obvious” risks.
Another key difference between Risk Buster and other tools is that it can be tailored to your organisation and your methodology rather than forcing compliance with a pre-ordained way of doing things.
Risk Buster can provide valuable insight into the risks in projects to facilitate early mitigation so that projects do not “drift” to the point where they impact their own business case before management can notice.
Risk Buster can turn potential project failure into project success.”

Peter Black
Chief Executive Officer
OITD Pty Ltd, Australia

Sigmatek Pty Ltd

"I've been working with Risk Buster tool for some time now - in the areas of IT Infrastructure project risk assessment, as well as Call Centre project and operational risk assessment. I rely on this product because it has, as part of the actual tool, the end-to-end analytics capability that I need to assess these types of projects in depth - enabling the project risk and potential problems identification early, as well as quantification of these risks and problems and development of appropriate solutions for them. The tool is unmatched in its depth and consistency of risk analysis for the IT and Call Centre projects. Such capability, especially for a C-level executive, means complete confidence in the organisation's ability to deliver the project."

Eddie Sayad
Managing Director
Sigmatek Services Australia

Consultant and Program Manager, Australian Federal Government

"The Risk Buster product offers unparalleled depth of analysis of IT project risks to the Project Management Team. Risk Buster integrates well in a Prince2 and Managing Successful Programmes framework, providing a valuable independent assurance tool that can be continually used throughout each project stage or programme transformational flow. The product’s well-architected framework facilitates straightforward ability to focus on the phase and component of the IT project being analysed for risks and issues. Starting with the (visual, selectable) Risk Breakdown Structure (RBS), an Assessor is able to drill down into that project area in as much detail as required, leveraging Risk Buster-provided analytics to establish the exact parameters of project risk – AND how to go about quantifying and addressing the risk or issue. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Risk Buster to any practitioner who needs to understand and assess the IT project’s real risks and minimize their impact on the project.”

Anthony Pearce
Certified Project Manager PMP CPL MComm